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Interior Design Beat

Welcome to the 'Interior Design Beat' Podcast! I'm Steven C. Adamko ... Your Host! I am so glad you are here! I think you will be delighted with the content you hear. It's "all beef" ... meaning very substantial and very unique and distinctive from all other interior design podcasts. Just so you know, I am a Professional Interior Designer having started my interior design business, Spectrum Interiors, in 1982. I am also the Producer of this Podcast. The ‘Interior Design Beat’ Podcast is a Candid Interior Design Podcast with Commentary, Critique, Interpretation, and Analysis by Yours Truly on various interior design subjects and topics … including the good, the bad, and the ugly. I tell you like it really is! … Giving You the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth, so that you don’t have to hope you are lucky in any type of interior design situation.

Nov 11, 2017

Without a doubt, lighting is one of the most important elements in your interior design environment. Proper lighting enhances the mood of your room, and in many cases, it is the dominating influence in creating the mood. It's all about Lighting Your Residential Interiors ... Right!  Flexibility and adjustability are two of the greatest powers in lighting. Because of this, you can vary the lighting effect and the expression of any room. With the flick of a switch or the dial of a rheostat, you can alter dramatically how a room is perceived. When properly utilized, this variable aspect of lighting is a preeminent property. Not only is it practical and utilitarian, it also has superior artistic abilities when used properly. Not only is it practical and utilitarian, it also has great artistic potential when used properly. Many people spend a lot of money on their furniture, furnishings, and their home but comparatively little on lighting and the effects the lighting can have. In lighting your residential interiors, it's not just merely the decorative effects of a fixture, but the actual effects and its ability to render all the aspects of an interior environment for the greatest experience possible. Most people look at artificial lighting as a pure utility and don’t even recognize its potentiality as an artistic, and even more broadly, a psychological medium and until they understand that, they very rarely provide the type of system and wiring necessary to extract the full joy from it. We have at our command the absolute control of lighting in terms of its direction, its distribution, its diffusion, and the color of light, which can all be modified at will so it has absolutely the greatest potential for creating a phenomenal interior design environment, making even expensive things look even more phenomenal, or bring a mundane home into the realm of greater levels of richness by lighting your interiors correctly. Here's a stupendous and wonderful fact that will impress upon you how important lighting is. And it’s this: There's no color in objects. The colors are in the light. The array of colors is distinguishable in the rainbow, which is sunlight decomposed by refraction in the raindrops. In a similar manner, a glass prism separates light into its component parts. Each fundamental spectral color being the sensation produced by radiant energy of a certain wave-length. By combining these components in various proportions, all the myriad colors are obtainable. Objects have the ability to reflect certain of these components and to absorb others. Thus, an object is red because it reflects only these rays. A white or gray object appears of of that color under "normal" illumination, or the lighting, because it is neutral ... That is, it reflects all the components equally well. A slight appreciation of this aspect of light is necessary if one is to be able to utilize light in an understandable way. I have a whole webinar and seminar that goes deeply into this aspect … and it's highly revealing. And you’ll gain an appreciation of lighting and its effects like you've never had before. It's all about how you handle Lighting Your Residential Interiors. So make your home come to life by lighting your interiors in a skillful and professional way ... with a skillful professional.

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